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How to wash your car

How dirty is it?  If it didn’t get too dirty, i.e., there wasn’t a lot of water around to make the dirt cake up on the car and it’s mostly just heavy dust, you can do an ONR wash (Optimum No Rinse).  Otherwise, do a full wash.

First, let’s talk about technique. In order to minimize the look of any surface scratches that might occur, do all of your washing and drying in ONE DIRECTION. For example, when you’re washing/drying the hood of the car, go from front to back and not side to side. This will keep the appearance of fine scratches to a minimum as the light will only be hitting those scratches from one direction. NEVER use a circular motion when washing/drying.

Optimum No RInse (ONR) Wash
  1. Pre rinse your car with a solution of 2 gallons water and 3 capfuls of ONR in a Hudson pump sprayer. This is an optional step, but I recommend it because it loosens up the dirt and dust and the car’s finish will be less susceptible to scratches. A two-gallon mixture in your Hudson sprayer should last a few washes.
  2. Fill two 5-gallon buckets half-way with water.  Put 3 capfuls of ONR in one bucket; this is your wash bucket. The other bucket will be used for rinsing your wash towels. Use grit guards in both buckets to prevent dirt particles on your wash towel.
  3. Wash your car using one or two microfiber Wizard wash towels for the roof, hood, trunk, and doors. Rinse the towel in the rinse bucket after each panel is washed. Do the lower parts of the car last, since that’s where most of the dirt will be.
  4. Dry your car with waffle weave towels. You should only need two towels because they are highly absorbent.
Car Shampoo Wash

If your car is pretty dirty, go for the full wash with car shampoo.  There are a lot of good products out there, and several I could recommend. If you’re on a budget go with a Meguiar’s product. If you can spend a little more, I really like Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam.

  1. Pre rinse the car. If the dirt is heavy go straight for the pressure washer. If it’s not caked with dirt but you think it needs a shampoo more than an ONR wash, do your pre rinse with the ONR in the Hudson sprayer.
  2. Use the two-bucket method mentioned above, but replace the ONR with the car shampoo.
  3. Do your final rinse with a hose or a pressure washer.
  4. Dry with waffle weave towels.